Experienced Conflict Resolution with Certified Mediator Tamlyn S. Sbar

At Sbar Mediation, Tami Sbar focuses on helping you move forward through your divorce or other family law issue.

The goal of mediation is to come to a mutually agreed-upon outcome, achieved through confidential negotiations, clear communication and skilled facilitation. The path of mediation helps to mitigate the costly fees of a trial and allows you to keep the control of the outcome in your hands instead of letting a judge decide your future. Many divorcing couples continue to function as a family, just in a new way. Mediation puts you on the path to working together and helps you avoid an arena based on conflict.

Drawing on her expertise, built from over 30 years of experience, as an attorney and as a mediator, Tami strives to make the process as comfortable as possible to help reach a satisfactory result for both parties.

As the central figure in the mediation, she performs a crucial function by overcoming obstacles that block the path toward settlement. Tami excels at developing effective solutions through the use of creative approaches to difficult problems.

At Sbar Mediation, there are two conference rooms, which should reassure clients that are uncomfortable meeting in the same space.

Schedule a Mediation

To schedule a mediation, use our calendar to see all the available dates. When all parties have agreed upon a date, click that date on the calendar and fill out the online form to activate a booking. Please include the opposing counsel’s or party’s email in the Notes box. I will email a reply to both parties to confirm the date is held for your mediation.

What my clients
say about me

Best family law mediator in the world. No one can mediate difficult cases like Tamlyn. If you have any family dispute, you should let Tamlyn help you get it resolved.


Had the opportunity to mediate with Tami recently. She did a wonderful job. Has a problem-solving mentality and a knack for helping people resolve their differences.


Tami, Thank you so much for your help and guidance during our mediation. This is not an easy journey, however your kindness & patience make a difference. Thank you.


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